For Ambitious Financial Professionals with Jennifer Nicholson and Blair Cook

The World's Premiere Executive Developing Program for Aspiring Financial Executives Who Are Ready To Own Their Ambition + Become Confident, Influential Financial Leaders Others Will Recruit, Promote, and Demand Strategic Financial Advice

We've taken everything we've learned in the real world working as and with financial executives, combined with today's most relevant thought leadership, and brought it all together into a comprehensive, step-by-step financial executive leadership program. A program that not only gives you the blue print in how to achieve and succeed in the financial executive role, but develops the traits in you to improve your own career.

Moving Beyond Accounting is a 6-week group mentoring program for financial professionals who are ready to show up everyday as the leaders and influences they were born to be. You've imagined it, it's time now to live it!

The end result: You dial up your impact, influence, confidence, and ultimately your income. Advance your career forward by unlocking promotions, building high-powered business networks, grow your presence…and LOVE WHO YOU BECOME in the process.

Moving Beyond Accounting for Financial Professionals is the first program of its kind that…

Focuses on creating swift, tangible, and long-lasting results.

Financial professionals who commit to the process and implement the teachings have unlocked significant promotions, increased their salary, become trusted advisors, and are recognized leaders both inside and outside of the organizations they serve.

Unites financial professionals from different companies, industries, and sector of the business world in an interactive learning environment. 

Our graduates come from public practice, manufacturing, government, non-profit, consulting, and service businesses from around the globe. We keep the class sizes small to ensure plenty of time for discussion and mentoring.  

Teaches you how to be influential.

You have the financial background, experience and know-how to make a bigger impact. We teach you how to leverage the skills you already have to create even bigger results (and be rewarded for your efforts!)

Provides training, personalized coaching, and community support.

While our core focus is on helping you dial up your executive presence so that you get major promotions and grow into executive roles, we take a holistic approach to executive development. Our goal is to provide you with the skills, tools, and motivation that empowers you personally and professionally.

What is The Moving Beyond Accounting Program?

The Moving Beyond Accounting Program is a 6-week group coaching program that includes:

  • Weekly modules complete with easily digestible videos, downloadable tools, templates, and additional resources.
  • A private learning community where you can network and connect with like-minded financial professionals.
  • Virtual workshops and group coaching sessions, where every week you can connect with us and work in person on your executive presence skills. These are live sessions where you can ask us anything and tap into a broader network of peers.
  • Forever access to the Moving Beyond Accounting content.

This program will equip you with the crucial skills you need to overcome the most common barriers to high-potential financial professionals. At the conclusion of this 6-week program, you'll develop the critical executive presence skills you need to:

  • Elevate your confidence and rise to any occasion with poise.
  • Build a strategic alliance network of influential contacts to become a connector and deal maker.
  • Communicate your financial message clearly and concisely to persuade and influence operational and strategic decisions. 
  • Maintain long-term resilience in the face of adversity to achieve over-sized accomplishments.
  • Become the credible leader that attracts top talent and commands attention whenever you are in the room.
  • Present a compelling personal brand that puts you in the way of executive opportunities.

Here's a Breakdown of What You'll Get:

Six video modules + reading materials + downloadable tools and templates + 6 - month career planning + 6 live 90-minute group coaching calls + Lifetime access to private Facebook forum 

Module 1: Own Your Confidence  

  • Complete a competency-based assessment of your financial executive potential
  • Unlock your full potential by recognizing your personal presence
  • Tap into your personal power to unlock personal empowerment and empowerment of others
  • Train your brain to recognize Showtime moments to deliver executive-level performance

Module 2: Build strategic networks through deeper relationships  

  • Assess and develop your own level of emotional and social intelligence
  • Learn to read body language and facial expressions to improve your empathetic response
  • Navigate the dangerous minefield of office politics
  • Make lasting first impressions that initiate positive, lasting long-term relationships
  • Have a conversation with anyone
  • Develop and proactive approach to establishing, building, and maintaining deep relationships with key contacts in your personal and professional lives

Module 3: Communicate to Influence 

  • Incorporate the principles of persuasion into every important message to initiate action and response
  • Connect with your audience using storytelling
  • Write like a business journalist to express your opinions with tact and clarity
  • Get a standing ovation the next time you present to an audience

Module 4: Achieve Big Goals with Gritty Resilience

  • Assess your own level of passion and perseverance
  • Clarify your personal values and establish a fool-proof mechanism to live your values and move toward your personal goals every day. 
  • Identify and implement the 4 ingredients of grittiness that help you persevere over long periods of time.
  • Make deliberate practice and nudging a daily routine to achieve amazing results

Module 5: Embody Credible Leadership

  • Letting go of the manger mindset and becoming a leader
  • Measuring the results of leaders and their importance to every organization
  • Leading using your personal power in the absence of fancy job titles
  • Protecting and elevating your level of credibility with all your important stakeholders

Module 6: Use Your Personal Brand to Get In The Way of Opportunity

  • Defining your personal brand to stand out from an overly crowded marketplace
  • Look the part or fail to start - dressing for success
  • Differentiate your brand and make it compelling
  • Communicating your executive brand to the world

And to make sure you're supported every step of the way, you'll also get access to:

Exclusive Bonus 1

Not one, but TWO private one-on-one coaching sessions. ($997 value)

Work with Blair and Jen one-on-one to work through you own personal situation and formulate a plan for progressing your career to the next level.  

Exclusive Bonus 2

Full access to the complete Executive Finance e-learning library of courses ($350 value)

Executive finance has a huge library of best-selling courses for aspiring financial executives that cover topics such as strategic management, change management, financing strategy, ERP implementation, The fast close process, beyond governance best practices, and so many more...

Exclusive Bonus 3

Your copy of The Illiterate Executive: An Executive's Handbook for Mastering Financial Acumen ($50 value)

Master all aspects of finance function in this practical, all-encompassing book for financial and non-financial executives. Learn about capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, accounting, auditing, valuation, and hiring the best financial resource for the organization.

A 30-Day Buy it, Show Up, Do The Work Money-Back Guarantee

We've done everything in our power to make this the most comprehensive, insightful, relevant and immediately useful executive training available.

We KNOW it works because we've used it ourselves and so have graduates of the program. Graduates of the program has increased their roles and responsibilities, gotten promotions, raises, and assumed and succeeded in executive leadership positions.

But if you are on the fence, then we want to give you the very best chance to invest in yourself and this program with absolute confidence.

That's why we give you a full 30 days to go through the program, watch the training, participate in the calls and experience for yourself how this program will accelerate your track to the corner office.  

Money-Back Guarantee

The Moving Beyond Accounting Program is perfect for you if…

  • You are financial professional aspiring to become an executive or perhaps you are an executive but not sure you are as effective as you should be
  • You want to position yourself to have more influence inside your organization
  • You ask yourself the following questions: I'm smart, other people think I'm successful.. So why do I feel like something is missing? I should be further along by now… but I feel overwhelmed as it is! I have great ideas. Why can't I seem to make them happen? Why am I not the one promoted or recruited for those executive positions?
  • You are a smart, self-motivated financial professional with big dreams and bold aspirations for your career
  • You have a vision for what you want to accomplish, but finding the time and means to making them happen seems to elude you
  • You are a highly competent financial professional experiencing one or more of the following challenges:
  • The "I'm not ready yet" myth or other such negative self-talk
  • You have this lingering doubt that you can succeed in an executive role
  • You get so overwhelmed with the details that you want to quit your job sometimes
  • You spend all your time just trying to keep up with financial matters, but never have time to step back look at the bigger picture
  • You feel as though others outside of finance don't get you or respect what you do or your level of competency
  • Your credibility has been dealt a blow for whatever reason and you desperately want to regain that level of trust with your stakeholders
  • You are afraid of rejection - of not getting the job, not making or maintaining a relationship with an important contact, not having your ideas considered
  • You are terrified of meeting new people and networking
  • You hate presenting your ideas in front of people
  • You let challenges derail you or you lose focus and as a result, are unable to follow through with your original vision
  • You feel absent from important discussions and meetings about the business